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Message from C.E.O


We believe that all things in nature, the hot sun, the clean blue sky, the vast mountains, and crystal lakes together with humans are all part of Mother Nature.

We believe that we can learn profound truth from nature and we are humbled by its greatness.

We, Han Kook Shin Yak Pharmaceutical Co., are a specialty manufacturer producing Korean traditional formula-based drugs using Korean traditional crude herbal materials principally. Since our establishment in 1961, we have produced Korean traditional herbal extract drugs and Kal-Geun-Tang, Sip-Jeon-Dae-Bo-Tang, So-Si-Ho-Tang, etc., which are Korean traditional herbal liquids, for the first time in Korea. Our marketable drugs reaches 300 kinds or so, including drugs for preparation, general drugs and specialty drugs.

And we have been consistently performing a considerable number of research projects for development of anti-cancer, immuno-enhancement and immuno-suppressive drugs, etc. through our affiliated Jakwang Institute leading the industry-academia-research consortium on the basis of our corporate code of conduct and philosophy that the keynote of the pharmaceutical industry lies in search of new substances and R&D activities for development of new products. Also, we are putting out utmost efforts for development of Korean traditional formula-based drugs of next generation using the standardized efficacy of Korean traditional formula-based drugs and the bio-technology.

Our GMP factory, which has been built up at Nonsan, Choongnam to meet the global environment and the standards of facilities in the 21st century, enables us to enhance the efficiency in production of good drugs with the mind-set of Trinity based on good researchers, superior production facilities and high quality products.

We, Han Kook Shin Yak Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. are committed to production of good drugs of high quality on the basis of our corporate philosophy abridged to 'Company considering nature important', 'Company considering life important' and 'Company giving the first consideration to human health'.

Thank you.
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