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Phellinus linteus related Patents

1) in Korea
1. Polysaccharide and its manufacturing method
2. Cultivation method of Phellinus linteus mycelium
3. Artificial fluid cultivation of Phellinus linteus mycelium and manufacturing method of anti-cancer immuno-stimulating substances
4. Novel Phellinus linteus strain that produces anti-cancer immuno-stimulating substances
5. Anti-cancer immuno-stimulating polysaccharide that is separated from Phellinus linteus and its manufacturing method
6. Novel polysaccharide material of immuno-stimulating effect and its manufacturing method
7. New usage of polysaccharide substances that are separated from Phellinus linteus
8. Strain of Phellinus family that produces novel material of immuno-stimulating effect
9. Solid cultivation method of Phellinus linteus strain
10. Pharmaceutical compound for lung cancer that includes polysaccharide that is obtained as extracting and refining the mycelium of Phellinus linteus as the useful substance

2) Abroad
1. ЮΫګ̫ж񻪫˭׾ڪԪ (Japan)
2. Novel immuno-stimulating polysaccharide substance from Phellinus spp. strain and use thereof (USA, China)
3. жж̭ڪԲ (Taiwan)
4. Immuno-stimulating polysaccharide substance from Phellinus linteus strain and use thereof (Europe)

Taxol-related Patents
1. Manufacturing method of Taxol and its precursor
2. Method to extract Taxol and its related substances from the yew leaves in coastal area
3. Method to extract Taxol and its related substances from the cultivated yew leaves
4. Medical fluids for injection including Taxol (International patent)
5. Medical fluids for injection including Taxol
6. Method to extract Taxol from the yew leaves (International patent)
7. Pharmaceutical Compound Used for the Preparation of Taxol as an Injection solution
8. Process of Extracting Taxol from Taxus cuspidata

Other patents
1. Method to manufacture gericuduranin A
2. Pure dried EX powder of herbal drugs that does not include excipient and its manufacturing method
3. Method to take calcium medicine and the shape of calcium medicine that can be conveniently taken
4. Substances for external application such as antibacterial and anti-inflammatory use and skin protection use that contains manuka oil as the principle ingredient

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