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Anticancer immuno-stimulating agent from the mushroom, Phellinus linteus

Technical Development
The institute purely extracts and refines the polysaccharide that can control the cancer related to various digestive organs as increasing the immuno-stimulating activities with the extracts of Phellinus linteus mycelium that is a kind of mushroom and defines its structure and the anticancer effect through in vitro and in vivo.

Characteristics of Technology
·Acidic heteroglucan of 153 kD composed of Man, Gal, Glc, Ara, Xyl, etc. with the anti-cancer immuno-stimulating activities.
·Anticancer Immno-stimulating Activities
The stimulating effect of antibody production of B-Lymphocytes129 times
The proliferation effect of lymphocytes 3.3 times
Macrophages activation 2.5 times
Lifespan extension effect 1.8 times

Usage and Expected Effect
·To enhance liver function as increasing immuno-stimulating activities against the cancers (gastric cancer, large intestine cancer, rectal cancer) related to digestive organ.
·To broaden the possibility of research and application of medical activation substances that are generated from mushrooms


Extraction of Paclitaxel and its related substances from the yew leaves near the coastal area
Technical development
· Technical development to economically produce paclitaxel, anti-cancer substance, which is extracted from the skin of the existing yew tree without influencing on the ecosystem.
· The institute found out that the yew leaves that grow in the coastal area that is the specific area includes much paclitaxel of which the economical efficiency is recognized and developed the extraction method so that it succeeded in mass production.

Characteristics of Technology
· This technology produces anti-cancer substances without influencing on the ecosystem
· The production of anti-cancer substance from the trees that grow in Korea is the third mass production of paclitaxel in the world following USA and France.

Usage and Expected Effect
· The global market of paclitaxel is estimated more than five hundred million dollar per year and its effect is approved by the clinical tests on various cancers so that the marketability is expected to be increased.
· It is expected to supply medicines for the treatment of domestic patients by its own production and to be exported.

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