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This research institute was opened as Bangchon Natural Products Research Institute in January 1993 for the purpose of achieving scientific traditional oriental medicine application. The research institute strives to maximize the effect of the traditional oriental medicine by scientific and systematic method more than to simply use the inherited oriental medicine. Especially, the institute endeavors to research the bioactive substances that are generated from natural products and microbe using the scientific methods, to develop new medicines using those bioactive substances and to commercialize the new medicines as proving the efficacy.

The institute develops new substances in cooperation with other special research institutes and research institutes in universities as well as by the independent research and development. As well as this, it continues to and will push ahead to research for the accumulation of mass production technology for the purpose of commercialization of new medicines.

Han Kook Shin Yak commenced the construction of GMP factory in Feb. 1996 and completed it in May1998 in order to be developed as the future-oriented pharmaceutical company, and this factory secured 3,408 m2 as the space for the research and was renamed as Ja Kwang Research Institute.

The new research institute operates its own animal laboratory that is in GLP level so that is executing all clinical tests for the new products. The manpower of the institute is 32 in total including four doctors, 18 masters and 10 bachelors and more researchers will be added in future for better research activities.

The outstanding researches (manufactured products and commercialized products) up to now include Mesima that is anti-cancer immuno-stimulator agent and HS-Paclitaxel that is the best anti-cancer substance in the 20th century that is thirdly developed in the world. The institute continuously studies those products to improve its quality after the commercialization and the research results, the future research direction and plan are described in detail as follows.

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